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I feel like such a tool giving beta to girls at the gym and I try really hard not to be intrusive and I always ask if it’s ok that I give them advice but it’s still such a trademark hit on at climbing gyms that I assume they think I’m just making a pass at them which I’m not.


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Went bouldering with tom and he had some guy with him he met who has been traveling across the world on bicycle. He’s worked in chile in a hostel last year and backpacked across patagonia. We finished climbing tom left and while we were leaving he bought me a bag of non GMO organic local corn this lady was selling. He asked if I would want to go smoke with him and I said sure why not. Went to some chicks apartment he’s been staying at while in South Dakota. The dude played guitar an had the same kind of art he burned on to the back of this guitar that looked just like my art and I knew this dude was cool. We smoke on the balcony and immediately start talking about everything. He has had 12 ayahuasca ceremonies done while in Peru with a village. He ate as much as 17 grams of psilocybin mushrooms. Basically this dude understands where I’m at in life and we connected so hard. Deepest conversation I’ve ever had and he knew like I was legit and I knew he was legit. Then we went and talked in a sauna for an hour while doing yoga and when we got out we laid in the rain. Then we proceeded to eat fruit in the kitchen of this apartment while talking about more stuff and then I left. Might have been the nicest, coolest, most authentic person I have ever become friends with.


3D Fractals

Last week I met Tom Beddard, a physicist turned web developer turned artist (and friendly guy). He creates fractals — those recursive shapes that infinitely repeat at every scale. They’re based on simple math, but they can create some amazing images.

Says Beddard: “I don’t seek any new mathematical insight into the resulting structures, it’s a purely aesthetic pursuit to scratch a creative itch. Part of the fascination with fractal exploration is when … amazing and completely unexpected structures can pop out and surprise you.”

Some of the fractals look like Gothic architecture. Some of them look like alien seed pods. All of them are mesmerizing. You can see lots more on Beddard’s flickr page. You can actually fly through the fractals and see them morphing in these videos. And now, thanks to a new app called Frax that Beddard helped develop, you can make fractals of your very own.

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Nicolas Demeersman aka Pretty Punk (b. 1978, Seclin) Worldwide ongoing Fucking Tourist series 2009-2014 Captures The Resentment Of Locals With A Simple Gesture. (Info with each pic)

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For this sacred land
It has seen many hands
It has wealth and gold
Yet it is fragile and old
And all the greedy souls
Just don’t care to know
Of the changes it will confront


Black Elk Speaks.

Black Elk Speaks.

Trad climbing at sunset in the Spires. Doesn’t get much better.